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Wimbledon Running Club


boot camp?

Boot camps are a great way to get or stay in shape, regardless of how fit you are. You can enjoy the social aspect and sense of achievement at finishing something that will benefit your body and mind.

Now with the UK vaccination programme keeping us safer than before we can get back to our fantastic live boot camps. So now you can achieve amazing levels of fitness & strength in a great social environment fully sanitised.


There's 3 boot camps you can attend every week - 2 boxing options in Wimbledon and one running club in Wimbledon & Raynes Park (more info below). To get answers to any questions you may have and/or to register your interest please email me at


You could pay as little as £5 a session (£60 a month all inclusive). Single sessions are just £12.

We bootcamp. You can too!



Monday 7-7.45pm Raynes Park (Whole PT studio fully equipped) 

  • Come enjoy a great boxing & hard hitting weight training session

  • You will learn the art of boxing in a fun & energetic way

  • Learn how to use your whole body to create power & satisfying big punches

  • 18 power packed rounds in 45 minutes to tone & strengthen you (12 boxing  & 6 weight training rounds)

  • Add another workout weekly, include a balanced healthy eating plan (which i can help you with) and transform your health, fitness & body shape!

Boxing Boot Camp Wimbledon

BOX fit

Saturday 930-1015am Wimbledon (South Park Gardens)

  • Learn the art of skipping & boxing for an invigorating workout like a pro boxer

  • Complementing each other so well, benefit from huge cardio improvements, co-ordination, agility, and tons of fun!

  • Same format as Box Strong, replacing weight training rounds for skipping.

  • Serious calorie burner for a fitter & healthier you!


Wednesday 715-8pm

Wimbledon Running Club, Dundonald, Wimbledon

  • Improve your run speed, endurance & strength

  • Constant varied sessions to maximise enjoyment and improvement

  • Great social connections even with social distancing

  • Keep motivated by training with us for 5k, 10ks & more!

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